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Springtime at Victory Ranch is best spent outdoors. Warm, sunny days usher in miles and miles of adventure, while breezy nights set the stage for fireside bonding or open-air stargazing from the seven-person hot tub on your cabin patio. Below, get a glimpse of what adventures our owners at The Residence Club are gearing up for this season. 


These days, we could all use more moments to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and the earth  — and getting in a good workout while doing so is always a good idea. Just steps away from your cabin at The Residence Club, you’ll find more than 20 miles of premier hiking trails for all activity levels. Take a stroll or jog through the backcountry, looking out for blooming flora, native wildlife and extraordinary vistas of wide, open land.


Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or enjoy an old hobby at our much-loved archery range. Just around the corner from The Post, you’ll find 10-, 20-, and 40-yard hay bale and a selection of complimentary bows and arrows. For the youngsters wanting to channel their inner Katniss Everdeen, we have easy-draw Genesis Mini Compound Bows — weighing just two pounds — so they can join in on the family fun.


At Victory Ranch, our four miles of private Upper Provo River are prime for fly fishing — especially during the springtime when the water is warming up and setting the perfect conditions for a great catch. Native species include wild German brown trout, rainbow, brooks and cutthroats. Beginners welcome, too — our skilled Outfitters are here to make sure you have the most effortless and fun day out on the river.

Mountain Biking

The mild springtime weather is beyond idyllic for a heart-pumping bike ride through the expertly designed trails in Victory Ranch backcountry. For a milder ride, stick with the Kamloop Trail and its 3% grade incline. For a bigger challenge (with an even bigger reward in the form of unbeatable views), take on the Fremont Trail and its 5–7% grades. Hop on your own two wheels or check out one of our Full Suspension Mountain Bikes and their shock-absorbing tires.

Is your family ready to escape to nature and embark on unforgettable spring adventures? Now’s the time to come home to The Residence Club — simply contact our sales team today.

At the Ranch, we’re all about speed on the slopes — but between outdoor adventures, taking time to slow down can be just as fulfilling. Although epic memories are forged during exhilarating experiences in the snow and on backcountry trails, they’re made whole by the quieter moments of connection and reflection. 

Thankfully, The Residence Club offers members seamless access to Victory Ranch’s world-class onsite and closeby activities alongside countless opportunities for relaxation. Plus, year-round upkeep for your modern cabin home means you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy peaceful, post-excursion moments with friends and family. Below, see what a winter day of relaxing and resetting looks at The Residence Club at Victory Ranch. 

Attend a Yoga Class at the Movement Studio

While there are plenty of opportunities to kick back in your cabin home at The Residence Club at Victory Ranch, sometimes the best way to recharge is through a restorative session of meditative movement. Start your morning off by visiting The Barn’s Movement Studio for an energizing, expert-led yoga session.

Indulge in a Massage at The Spa

While at The Barn, give your body some special attention with a massage—you’ve earned it after all those adventures. Consider giving your treatment a boost with Antarra Balance CBD oil, proven to hydrate skin and offer much-needed muscle relief after a day on the slopes or in the backcountry.

Enjoy a Cocktail at the Freestone Lodge

Toast the end of a full day with a handcrafted cocktail at the riverside Freestone Lodge, or get cozy with aprés sips after an afternoon on the slopes in our outdoor igloos. Steeped in a warm, rustic ambiance, evenings at the Lodge are a perfect time to unwind with family, friends and neighbors while enjoying locally sourced dishes and expertly crafted drinks from our Freestone Lodge chef and his culinary team.

Soak in Your Very Own Hot Tub

When Victory Ranch is home, you can revel in your very own apres-ski paradise—every Residence Club Cabin has a stunning seven-person hot tub, which means you and the family can put life on pause and soak the stress away, any night of the week.

S’mores and Stories By the Fire Pit

A tried and true way to reset and savor your time at the Ranch? Settle by your cabin’s very own fire pit, or venture to The Post and Freestone Lodge to trade stories, roast s’mores and stargaze by the fire alongside neighbors and friends. An exquisite escape from the hustle bustle of modern life, The Residence Club at Victory Ranch provides picture-perfect settings designed to help you slow down, reset and reconnect with those you love.

Here at The Residence Club, we’ve flipped the switch on what it means to escape the everyday — and we mean really escape. Imagine arriving to a beautifully designed, fully appointed cabin home without having to lift a finger. Your gear and personal items? They’re all there, waiting for you. And the upkeep that comes with typical real estate ownership? That’s on us. Below, explore the complimentary services that make living entirely effortless at The Residence Club. 

Pay For What You Use

Having a vacation home is great while you’re there, but what about all the time you’re not? Is it sitting there, unused? Are you only renting it out days or weeks at a time? The Residence Club memberships eliminate the need to rent out your vacation property because you’re only paying for the time you’ll actually spend there — so no losses to recover.

Thoughtful Cleaning & Maintenance

Unused vacation homes typically accumulate dust and grime, just as things inevitably need to be serviced or replaced over time and your landscaping must evolve with the seasons. Ownership through The Residence Club, however, alleviates all of the cleaning and maintenance from your responsibility.

All Your Groceries, Ready to Go

Owning at The Residence Club grants you access to our attentive staff, whose job it is to make your stay as effortless and enjoyable as possible. One menial task we can take off your hands is grocery shopping — among so much more. Our team will pre-stock your kitchen with snacks, drinks and staples, at your request, so you can immediately settle in and relax once you arrive.

Gear & Equipment on the House

From the big (bumper boats, bikes and paddle boards) to the small (basketballs and fishing rods and nets), we’ve got everything to support a life of fun and adventure on The Ranch — complimentary for The Residence Club members. All you have to do is show up, and we’ll ensure that everyone in the family has the most memorable time at the Ranch. 

Stress-Free Concierge Services

In addition to behind-the-scenes and pre-arrival services, ownership at The Residence Club includes dedicated, year-round concierge services during your time at The Ranch. Our Member Services staff can take care of travel planning, activity bookings, restaurant reservations, transportation services and more. Anything you might need is just a phone call or email away.

Here at The Residence Club, wintertime centers on getting outside and pursuing adventure. When the Wasatch is covered in a blanket of snow, members don’t think about what’s hiding underneath — they’re too busy taking advantage of all the new activities made possible this time of year. Here’s a little taste of what’s in store at the Ranch this season, from fat biking along 20+ miles of trails to heli-skiing in Utah’s stoke-worthy backcountry.

1. Nordic Skiing 

Nordic skiing may not include the high speeds and steep declines of downhill skiing, but that doesn’t make it any less adrenaline-pumping. The Residence Club members have access to Victory Ranch’s privately groomed trails that offer a stunning setting to glide across our snow-blanketed landscape, as well as our crew of instructors via White Pine Touring to learn the basics of this beloved sport.  

2. Fat Biking in the Backcountry

Mountain biking is a year-round sport at Victory Ranch, thanks to a fleet of fat tire bikes, outfitted with oversized tires designed for traction and control on unstable, soft ground such as snow. Strap on a helmet and set out on one of several adventurous paths — including ones along the River Trail, the Nordic Tracks and the Kamloop Trail.

3. Alpine Skiing

Lucky for us at the Ranch, two of the world’s best ski resorts are just minutes from our doorstep. The Residence Club members spend countless hours on the slopes at Deer Valley and Park City each year, experiencing legendary slopes and some of the “Best Snow on Earth.” Members also have exclusive access to Victory Ranch’s private lodge on Main Street, right at the base of the Town Lift. Stop in after the slopes to warm up, grab some food and drinks and unwind.

4. Snowmobiling

In the warmer months, adrenaline-seeking residents explore the backcountry in one of our 4×4 Polaris Rangers. When the snow starts sticking, they trade in four wheels for a set of tracks for a just-as-thrilling snowmobiling excursion. Adults can hop on a top-of-the-line Ski-Doo Expedition 600, while younger thrill-seekers have access to Polaris 120cc Kid Snowmobiles and a kid track located at the Ranch. For an added adventure, book a session at our 5-Stand shooting range and ride your way over on the Ski-Doo.

5. Heli-Skiing

Victory Ranch has teamed up with Powderbird, Utah’s premier heli-skiing company, to offer members exclusive access to the most coveted, private ski experience right at their doorstep this season. Get picked up from The Post with a group of up to eight people and embark on a day of unforgettable backcountry adventure tailored specifically to your desires with the help of Powderbird’s expert guides. And after shredding Utah’s most sought-after snow? Jet back to the Ranch for aprés ski lunch and drinks. Welcome to a whole new level of adventure.

6. Full Moon Snowshoeing

You can’t have adventure at the Ranch without a fun adult twist. This winter, embark on a guided snowshoe hike to the golf course comfort station where you’ll watch the sunset alongside family and friends with a drink in hand — all followed by a walk illuminated by the full moon. This is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to experience the magic of the Ranch come sundown.

We’re thrilled to share that Victory Ranch has teamed up with Powderbird, Utah’s premier heli-skiing operation, to offer members exclusive access to the most coveted, private ski experience right at their doorstep. With helicopter pick-up directly from The Post, groups of up to eight have the unique opportunity to embark on a day of unforgettable backcountry adventure tailored specifically to their desires with the help of Powderbird’s expert guides. Below, discover what’s in store when you reserve a bird this winter season. 

Gear Up at The Post

Your private helicopter will arrive at The Post around 8 am and members will fuel up with a warm breakfast, followed by a thorough safety briefing with Powderbird’s guides. After grabbing your demo skis and poles from the Jackson’s Base Camp pop-up at The Post (you’ll need to bring your own boots!), you’ll get all the avalanche safety equipment you need to ski responsibly. When everyone’s ready to go, you’ll fly off around 9 am and witness your favorite ski resorts from above. All you have to do is get ready to ride Utah’s most sought-after powder — without the crowds, of course.

Explore Utah’s Untouched Backcountry

Your group’s private bird will take you to the backside of Snowbird, where you’ll get up to 10 epic runs among the most pristine, untouched snow you could ever imagine. Hop on the helicopter at the bottom, get dropped at the top, and do it all over again. With Powderbird, you have access to more skiable terrain than all the Utah ski resorts combined. But, fair warning — you may never want to revert back to normal skiing again. 

Head Back to the Ranch

Each day of heli-skiing is based on two hours of flight time to ensure you’re getting the most out of your day. After exploring Snowbird’s incredible backcountry, fly back to the Ranch for aprés ski lunch and drinks between 2 and 3 pm. When you settle back in at The Post, relive the day’s most stoke-worthy moments, chat about your favorite runs and cheers to the most memorable heli-skiing adventure.

A full day will offer two hours of flight time at a rate of $16,000 (for eight people). For more information on pricing or to reserve your heli-skiing tour, please reach out to Members Services

We have a lot to be thankful for at The Residence Club — not just this month, but always. From 4,000 acres of untouched backcountry just beyond our doorstep, brimming with year-round adventure, to the people who make our lives both effortless and wonderfully fulfilled, here’s what we’re counting our blessings for this year.

1. World-Class Amenities Right at Home

Life at The Residence Club is like checking into the best summer camp or ski resort you could possibly dream of — and being able to stay up to six weeks per year. From The Barn, complete with a pizzeria, state-of-the-art fitness center, luxurious spa and more, to the Freestone Lodge, serving up locally sourced fare (and everyone’s favorite cookie skillet), to The Post, complete with cozy nooks and a decked-out Outfitter’s Shop, the Ranch offers everything you could imagine and more.

2. 4,000 Acres of Backcountry in Our Backyard

Set upon 6,700 pristine acres — 4,000 of which are untouched terrain — Victory Ranch is an outdoor-lover’s paradise. Endless adventure awaits, whether it’s warm and sunny or blanketed in Utah’s freshest powder. Our residents are free to explore all of the backcountry on their own terms, from fat biking or hiking along 20+ miles of private trails to glamping in our backcountry yurts, bumper boating on Stony Lake, shooting clays at the 5-stand (stay tuned for our new location) and so much more. 

3. Unprecedented Flexibility 

The Residence Club offers the type of unprecedented flexibility that today’s homeowners seek. When you’re here, we want you to focus on the moments that truly matter to your family, like relaxing beside the firepit with a glass of wine or getting your adrenaline fix in nature. Whether you’re coming from a warmer climate to hit the slopes for a few weeks or escaping the city to enjoy unobstructed views of the stars and sky, your perfect stay awaits. All you have to do is reserve your weeks and you’re ready to go.

4. Ownership Without the Hassles

Here at The Residence Club, we couldn’t be more grateful for homeownership without the hassles. No paying for unused weeks or months. No managing tenants who are renting your place. No maintenance necessary to get your home ready for each season. Our unique shared-ownership program lets you pass off the upkeep, landscaping and even the grocery shopping to us. The only thing you’re responsible for? Showing up, relaxing and pursuing adventure.

5. A Built-in Sense of Community & Belonging

Maybe it’s the communal amenities, or maybe it’s just the magic of The Wasatch, but Victory Ranch has a way of bringing people together. Your neighbors and the Victory Ranch staff feel like instant friends, while the unbridled access to nature instantly soothes and comforts any soul.

Though every season at Victory Ranch shines in its own way, there’s truly nothing quite like the wonder of winter. Acres of untouched land, covered in a fresh layer of snow. Warm beverages next to a toasty fire on a chilly evening. And, of course, hours of gliding down some of the best ski trails in the world. Two world-class ski resorts, one of which is the largest in North America, are practically in our backyard at the Ranch. Here’s a quick guide to each of them.

Park City Resort

Known For: Being the biggest ski resort in North America
Best For: The ski resort connoisseur
Distance from Victory Ranch: 19.3 miles
Ski Season: November 20, 2020 through April 4, 2021

Favorite Runs:

– For Beginners (17% of terrain): Claim Jumper at the top of Home Run or The Meadows via the Red Pine Gondola
– For Intermediate Skiers (50% of terrain): King Con Quad, Sunrise, or Parley’s Park
– For Experts: Jupiter Bowl, 6 Bells or McConkey’s Bowl

Passes Info:

– Skiers must purchase their tickets in advance here.
Epic Pass holders must reserve their days online in advance using the Epic Pass Holder Reservation System. The Epic Pass offers season-long access and is highly recommended for Victory Ranch owners who hit the slopes regularly. It also gives you priority access to more than 30 resorts in the US and Japan. 

Where to Après Ski: Located at the base of the Park City Mountain Town Lift is Victory Ranch’s private ski-in/ski-out lounge, 875 Main. Hang up your boots (we provide boot driers and lockers) and have a drink or a bite to eat while you warm up or before you hit the slopes. 

Deer Valley Resort

Known For: A venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics
Best For: Skiers of varying skill levels (no snowboarders here!)
Distance from Victory Ranch: 20.5 miles
Ski Season: December 5, 2020 through April 11, 2021 – Conditions Permitting

Favorite Runs:

– For Beginners (27% of terrain): Bandana off of Ruby Express lift or the windier Homeward Bound from the top of Sterling Lift
– For Intermediate Skiers (41% of terrain): Little Baldy zone or Orion at the top of Empire
– For Experts (27% of terrain): Champion run off of Carpenter Express, Ruins of Pompeii on the left side of Bald Mountain, or Perseverance Bowl

Passes Info:

– Pre-purchase your lift tickets in advance to guarantee your spot on the mountain. Day-of, on-site lift tickets will not be available this season.
– Full Season Passes permit unlimited skiing without restrictions — even during holiday periods
– Midweek Season Passes permit skiing Monday through Friday — excluding 12/26/20–1/2/21
– Hospitality Passes are transferable between family members, friends or business associates
– Ikon Passes earn you up to 7 days at Deer Valley (no blackout dates) and at 27 other ski resorts worldwide, along with unlimited access to 15 more ski resorts in the US and Canada

Where to Après Ski: Victory Ranch members enjoy special access privileges to Deer Crest Club at the beloved St. Regis Hotel, offering direct ski-in/ski-out access and a cozy spot to sip on Hot Toddies after a day on the slopes. Snow Park Lodge at the Base of Bald Eagle Mountain is also a great stopping or break point for après ski drinks and a delicious lunch.

It would be impossible to pick a favorite season at Victory Ranch. Whether it’s warm and sunny or cool and breezy, it’s a recreational playground for adults and kids alike. Each season accentuates a different set of activities, features and magnificent views of Utah’s terrain. Focusing on the current season, here are some of our favorite fall adventures at Victory Ranch.

1. Hiking

Waiting for you just beyond your doorstep are more than 20 miles of well-maintained trails, masterfully designed and built by Alpine Trails — a premier trail builder in and around Park City for more than two decades. The trails are great for all fitness levels and activities, from a casual wilderness walk to a heart-pumping, uphill run. Taking it slow? Be on the lookout for birds, like the mighty Golden Eagle.

2. Mountain Biking

A more exciting way to experience the miles of backcountry trails is via mountain bike. Don’t own a mountain bike? We offer complimentary mountain bikes and helmets for adults and kids, including Fat Bikes for a smoother, more adaptable ride. Check out Kamloop Trail for a mild 3% incline or the Fremont Trail for 5–7% inclines. The work is worth the reward: expansive, 360º vistas of the Uinta and Wasatch Mountains, Kamas Valley and the entirety of Victory Ranch. Unbelievably beautiful when lit up by fall colors of red, orange and yellow.

3. Yurt Camping

Yurt camping in the backcountry is a cross between literal backyard camping and a remote wilderness adventure — with all the luxuries of home. The yurts are accessible by foot, bike or via one of our 4×4 Polaris Rangers (more on those below). Equipped with electricity and cozy beds, Victory Ranch yurts are spacious enough for the whole family. Just outside, you’ll find outdoor seating, fire pits and activities like horseshoes. Drift off to sleep to serene wilderness sounds, like the nearby whispering stream. Best of all, one of our private chefs can prepare a home-cooked dinner or breakfast for you on site.

4. 4×4 Ranger Adventures

Looking for extreme adventure, sans the physical workout? Hop into one of our 4×4 Polaris Rangers for an off-roading tour of the backcountry. It’s not uncommon to spot moose, elk, deer and rare species of birds while rolling through the mountains and valleys. For new homeowners, we recommend a tour with one of our wilderness guides to pick their brain about the area and its native wildlife.

Feeling right at home comes from the little things. Subtle, thoughtful details. Cozy, rustic finishes and furnishings. Neutral hues that complement an inrush of natural light. Lucky enough, our three cabin homes in The Residence Club collection check off every box — all thanks to Chicago-based interior design firm Studio K Creative. With the renowned firm’s help, we brought to life three stylish retreats that pair the best in lived-in comfort and effortless, sophisticated flair. Step inside below. 

Warm, Contemporary Aesthetic

Each Residence Club cabin comes fully appointed in a modern-meets-rustic mountain aesthetic, complementary to the expansive landscape just beyond. In an interview with Karen Herold, Alicia Kelly and Alana Ratner of Studio K, the designers put their finger on the overall vision: “We were inspired by architectural details, clean lines and high contrast materials. We also looked at high-end fabrics and menswear, as well as plaids, for inspiration.” Within each cabin, discover the perfect balance between new and vintage, creating the idyllic home away from home. 

Details Inspired by Nature

Studio K Creative looked outward to find inspiration for what lies within. Each cabin — from the brand new Kingfisher to both The Starling and The Kestrel — features solid hardwood floors and ceilings, as well as custom wood wall paneling sourced locally in Kamas. The designers also used a wide array of natural materials, including limestone and quartzite, to complement earthy accents like wool rugs and sisal wall coverings. 

Large Outdoor Living Spaces

While the cabin interiors are seemingly out of a magazine, among the most coveted spaces is that outside. Complete with Ipe Brazilian walnut patio decking and weathered ash wood exteriors, the patio is the perfect place to entertain, relax or zen out — any time of day, any day of the year. A seven-person hot tub, fire pit and built-in bench seating and a spacious dining area offer the ultimate setting to reconnect with one another, soak up the surrounding natural beauty and revel in epic views of the Juniper Draw. 

Renowned for designing Victory Ranch’s mountain modern clubhouses and dining venues, as well as countless high-end restaurants, bars and luxury residences around the country, Studio K Creative strove to ensure that everyone in the family has a spot to make their own at The Residence Club. But the best way to experience it? We encourage you to see the cabins for yourself. Contact us today and make your effortless getaway to The Residence Club. 

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest and largest cabin home in our collection at The Residence Club — The Kingfisher, a five-bedroom cabin slated for completion in December 2021. Designed to emulate Victory Ranch’s Expanded Juniper Cabin, The Kingfisher is the perfect mountain retreat for families seeking the very best in contemporary design, upscale comforts and, of course, effortless homeownership. With more space than The Kestrel and The Starling thanks to two more bedrooms and an additional patio and living room, The Kingfisher is the ultimate new offering to realize the multigenerational vacation home of your dreams. Take an exclusive first look inside below.

Spacious, Fully-Appointed Interiors

With 3,878 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space and the ability to sleep 12, The Kingfisher is an idyllic retreat for those looking to host friends and family for a quintessential Victory Ranch getaway. On the main level, a large great room showcases vaulted ceilings, a fireplace and glass sliding doors that open to the exterior, while the state-of-the-art kitchen comes fully equipped with Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances, as well as all cookware and baking essentials — which means no more late-night escapades to the store.

Inspired Studio K Design

We tasked one of the country’s leading design studios, Studio K Creative, with creating The Kingfisher’s inspired interior and exterior spaces — just as they impeccably did for The Kestrel and The Starling. The cabin comes beautifully decorated in a mountain modern aesthetic, pairing comfort with a chic contemporary feel, offering families the most stylish — and maintenance-free — home away from home.

Spaces & Places for Everyone in the Family

Complete with five bedrooms, The Kingfisher combines everything you love about the sought-after Expanded Juniper Cabin at Victory Ranch with all the hassle-free benefits of owning a Residence Club cabin. First, the main suite features a large private deck and spa-like bath, decked out with heated floors and all the luxe toiletries you expect from a world-class hotel. The junior suite on the third level offers a more private space along with a deck and deluxe bathroom, while two large en suite bedrooms on the first level offer a king bed in one and a queen bed in the other. Lastly, an additional bedroom on the first level has two full beds for the little ones or guests.

The Ultimate in Outdoor Living

The Kingfisher cabin features both an upper- and lower-level patio, complete with beautiful Ipe Brazilian walnut patio decking. The large patio on the main level has a Weber BBQ and an expansive dining area with ample seating and a cutting-edge speaker system, while the lower patio is host to a fire pit and seven-person hot tub. Situated just above the river with breathtaking mountain and golf course views, The Kingfisher offers a picture-perfect setting to host effortless dinner parties, relax with a glass of wine and take in the views that the Ranch is renowned for.

For more details on The Kingfisher cabin, please reach us at 435.785.5000 or

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