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Spanning 6,700 acres over a wild, diverse landscape, Victory Ranch offers the best of mountainous terrain, rushing waters and wide-open skies — with all the comforts of a private, four-season vacation destination. Below, find five reasons why life at the Ranch feels like you’re amid your very own national park.

1. Unparalleled stargazing every night

Out in the backcountry — absent of light pollution, with no buildings for miles — you’ll find extraordinary views of the night sky. Some people have to drive hours to get a glimpse of the Milky Way in all its glory. The Ranch frames it every night.

2. Protected land and strategic conservation initiatives

Just like the National Park Service, we want members, guests and native wildlife to thrive on this land for generations to come. The Conservancy at Victory Ranch is dedicated to conservation, restoration and protection through year-round programs. These include joining forces with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to protect the Columbia Spotted Frog and Pacific Pollination to study the declining honeybee population.

3. Rare views of all kinds of wild animals

Since 4,000 acres of Victory Ranch is completely untouched land, it’s a prime habitat for small creatures and magnificent beasts. Some of the wild animals you might encounter include Bald Eagles, porcupine, moose, bobcats and weasels.

4. Natural freshwater sources

Four miles of the Upper Provo run through Victory Ranch while Stony Lake provides a serene waterside retreat. Here, members are welcome to go swimming, fly fishing, stand-up paddleboarding and more to experience the best of both river and water adventures — which you can’t often miss out on in national parks.

5. A sense of community

While camping at a national park, you get the opportunity to meet people from all over the country, and maybe even the world. Victory Ranch — by way of The Barn, The Freestone Lodge and more — fosters an unrivaled sense of community with other members and guests (with all the luxuries you miss out on at communal campsites).

Nothing compares to summertime fun at Victory Ranch, especially if you’re a kid. Set off on mountain bike rides via our private trails, sneak a second helping of ice cream from the Post’s self-serve station, reel in that very first catch on the Upper Provo River and wind down over fireside s’mores with neighbors-made-friends at the Freestone Lodge. Here, the littles can run wild in a world seemingly made just for them. Because at the end of the day? The most precious gift we can give our children is the opportunity to, fully and freely, be a kid.  

Rev Up

This summer will be as memorable as ever, where the kiddos are off and running from one adrenaline-fueled activity to the next. And when we say the adventures awaiting are endless, we’re not exaggerating — from mountain biking to archery, each and every amenity and excursion is carefully designed to enrich your little one’s mountain experience, ignite a newfound appreciation for nature and encourage exploration and fun. Here, your outdoor enthusiasts in-training are free to be wild amongst the sweeping greenery and grand peaks that surround, whether it be hiking the wondrous panoramic backcountry terrain or making a splash in the glistening two-acre Stony Lake. And, with paddle tennis and pedal carts available for play onsite, there is truly never a dull moment.

Wind Down

While sun-soaked, adventure-filled summer days keep the kiddos moving, plenty of shaded hangouts and indoor activities await nearby for when it’s time to rest and refuel. At the Barn, Lil’ Ranchers can kick back in the game room or shoot baskets at the indoor sports court. Or, for those seeking to flourish their artistic abilities, the Barn’s arts & crafts studio offers arts and craft workshops and more. And for when it’s time to grab a bite, nothing is sweeter than cooling down at the Parlor for a slice and ice cream cone after a long afternoon at the pool. 


Family connection is cherished at the Ranch. Every day presents an opportunity to share in meaningful memories, deepen your connection with loved ones and truly revel in uninterrupted quality time together. Here, from championing long sunrise hikes with the whole family to bonding over visions of an amber sky while enjoying activities on the Freestone Lodge lawn, Victory Ranch provides rich educational experiences for you and the ones that matter most. And perhaps most importantly, summer at the Ranch gifts your littles the joy of simply being a kid.

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