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Families everywhere are seeking to break from the monotony of everyday life, retreat to nature and discover a fresh, new way of looking at things. Here at The Residence Club, this sense of adventure is entirely synonymous with summertime. Below, find four unique experiences and exploits to embark on at the Ranch this season.

1. Bumper Boating on Stony Lake

The boathouse at Stony Lake is filled to the brim with water toys, the most unique being a handful of bumper boats. Large enough to fit an adult and up to two little ones, the boats offer a fun opportunity to skim the water’s surface, play around with water guns for an exciting game of chase and soak up the warm Utah sun.

2. Five-Stand Shooting

Why not make this the summer you learn how to shoot? Set within the backcountry, the Double Barrel features five stands, clay launchers and an array of target combinations, offering up a totally new way to challenge yourself. Our range masters are there to help first-timers and even up the ante for more skilled shooters, making it the perfect spot for members of all experience levels.

3. Horseback Riding

When the weather is warm, the skies are blue and the days are long, there’s no better adventure than setting foot in the wilderness — that is, unless, you have the opportunity to saddle up on a horse instead. Our Outfitters team is able to book horseback riding excursions in the mountains of Sundance and Park City via tight knit partnerships with Victory Ranch, allowing you to trek along wooded trails and open valleys for a unique expedition.

4. Yurt Camping in the Backcountry

No need to load up the car or pitch a tent for a one-of-a-kind camping experience. Just four miles away in the backcountry, members have a special opportunity to connect with nature while still enjoying everyday comforts. Our yurts at the Ranch are outfitted with furniture and electricity, and serve as an idyllic setting to immerse yourself in the mountains, play horseshoes and indulge in campfire eats from one of our private chefs. Adventure with just a taste of luxury — just the way we like it.

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