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Here at The Residence Club, we’ve flipped the switch on what it means to escape the everyday — and we mean really escape. Imagine arriving to a beautifully designed, fully appointed cabin home without having to lift a finger. Your gear and personal items? They’re all there, waiting for you. And the upkeep that comes with typical real estate ownership? That’s on us. Below, explore the complimentary services that make living entirely effortless at The Residence Club. 

Pay For What You Use

Having a vacation home is great while you’re there, but what about all the time you’re not? Is it sitting there, unused? Are you only renting it out days or weeks at a time? The Residence Club memberships eliminate the need to rent out your vacation property because you’re only paying for the time you’ll actually spend there — so no losses to recover.

Thoughtful Cleaning & Maintenance

Unused vacation homes typically accumulate dust and grime, just as things inevitably need to be serviced or replaced over time and your landscaping must evolve with the seasons. Ownership through The Residence Club, however, alleviates all of the cleaning and maintenance from your responsibility.

All Your Groceries, Ready to Go

Owning at The Residence Club grants you access to our attentive staff, whose job it is to make your stay as effortless and enjoyable as possible. One menial task we can take off your hands is grocery shopping — among so much more. Our team will pre-stock your kitchen with snacks, drinks and staples, at your request, so you can immediately settle in and relax once you arrive.

Gear & Equipment on the House

From the big (bumper boats, bikes and paddle boards) to the small (basketballs and fishing rods and nets), we’ve got everything to support a life of fun and adventure on The Ranch — complimentary for The Residence Club members. All you have to do is show up, and we’ll ensure that everyone in the family has the most memorable time at the Ranch. 

Stress-Free Concierge Services

In addition to behind-the-scenes and pre-arrival services, ownership at The Residence Club includes dedicated, year-round concierge services during your time at The Ranch. Our Member Services staff can take care of travel planning, activity bookings, restaurant reservations, transportation services and more. Anything you might need is just a phone call or email away.

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