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During this quiet time of reflection, we have an outpour of gratitude for the grounding, uplifting forces that our outdoor setting provides. While a growing body of evidence ties time in nature to numerous health benefits, the idea that getting fresh air is integral to our wellbeing is intuitivewe can feel it when we’re out there. From hiking backcountry trails at a steady pace to casting lines with perfect precision, we’re fortunate for the numerous ways to harness nature’s therapeutic effects right here at the Ranch.  

Find Stillness

To bring a greater sense of calm into your day, carve out dedicated time to step outside, look around and pay attention to nature at work. Studies have shown that spending a short 20 minutes outdoors can significantly help lower cortisol levels, and in turn, reduce stress, anxiety, cognitive fatigue and depression. To really tune into benefits of appreciating nature, such as boosting positive emotions like joy and contentment, be sure to disconnect digitally, immerse yourself in a green space and take notice of the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the environment around you. 

Get Moving

Equal parts healing and just plain fun, immersing yourself in nature is one of the greatest gifts of mountain living. At Victory Ranch, we like to live a life that’s entirely wild and free, where an array of outdoor activities inspire us to get out for feel-good movement and take in the natural landscape that we call home. And beyond the many perks of exercise, there’s a lengthy list of benefits from simply being outside to admire a hard-earned view mid-hike or rush of crisp air on a bike ride—we’re talking reduced inflammation, improved short-term memory, lower blood pressure and a strengthened immune system, to name a few.


Beyond the many physical and psychological benefits of exercising outdoors or swapping screen time for green views, reconnecting with nature can uplift the spirits and inspire a healthy dose of reflection. By inducing awethe sense of wonder that comes with being in the presence of something greater—getting outside makes us more inclined to put our worries into perspective, recenter and refocus on what matters most. 

At the Ranch, we’re fortunate to live amongst miles and miles of open backcountry that long preceded us. From bald eagles soaring overhead to water rushing the Upper Provo, nature stirs all-aroundoffering us ample opportunity to clear the mind, soothe the soul and widen our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us. This week, we hope you take some time to get out there and nourish you mind, body and soul. 

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